Which container are you looking for?

At Servial we are experts in containers, which you can buy or rent at competitive prices. From our own stock we can quickly deliver or rent out all container types and sizes to businesses or private people around Denmark. Do you have an urgent need for storing or transportation? Then Servial will come at your rescue. Our containers can be used for so much more - for example as temporarily stalls, at festivals or as a spare room in your home or at an association. Our headquarters is staffed with experts, who will make sure that you get the proper solution, whether you are looking for something temporarily and want to rent a container, or whether you wish to purchase your own containers.

Custom produced containers

Do you have special requirements, you can benefit from our many years of expertise selling and rebuilding new and used containers. We were among the first in the industry to offer custom produced containers for sale and rent. Our in house production can customize a container from our stock to fit your needs. As examples of used containers you will find soundproofed rehearsal studios and heated living rooms for local authorities, associations, businesses and private households. You can let yourself be inspired by the many possibilities here.

Do remember, that a Servial you are only limited by your imagination!