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At Servial we are experts in containers, which you can buy or rent at competitive prices. From our own stock we can quickly deliver or rent out all container types and sizes to businesses or private people around Denmark. Do you have an urgent need for storing or transportation? Then Servial will come at your rescue. Our containers can be used for so much more – for example as temporarily stalls, at festivals or as a spare room in your home or at an association. Our headquarters is staffed with experts, who will make sure that you get the proper solution, whether you are looking for something temporarily and want to rent a container, or whether you wish to purchase your own containers.

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Locking systems
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Rehearsal studio
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Sale and rent

Servial CC has more than 20 years experience in sale and rent of containers for several purposes. We have a close co-operation with leading foreign container-companies. This gives us the opportunity to deliver containers in a good quality at competitively good prices.

Sale of containers
Servial CC can deliver all types of containers everywhere in Denmark for reasonable prices.

Servial CC rents all kinds of standard containers. Furthermore we rent specially made containers. All containers are for rent everywhere in Denmark for a shorter or a longer period of time.

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The rehearsal studio

This project is not intended as a substitute for stationary rehearsal rooms in buildings, but as a realistic supplement, quality and price-wise, to such rooms.

The studio produced, sold and hired out by Music Flexbox – has been on the market since 1988 and has demonstrated its strength and quality in this period.
Perfectly prepared for rock and pop practice in small room.

The measured average reverberation T=0.60 is in principle frequency independent.

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AAA sætter karakterer på en virksomheds kreditværdighed. Træfsikkerheden med kreditratingsystem hjælper dig med at sige ja til forretninger og nej til tab. Kreditratingen er baseret på oplysninger fra blandt andre Erhvervs- & Selskabsstyrelsen og CVR-registret. Bedømmelsen bliver beregnet ud fra flere end 2.400 beslutningsregler.

For at opnå en AAA (Trippel-A) skal der være tale om en virksomhed med særdeles god evne til at imødekomme aktuelle betalingsforpligtelser.