CC Fixlock

Approved by the Danish Insurance Association.

The CC Bom II is permanently fitted onto the container.

Control of the bolt clamp: Pull the bolt clamp to check that it is in locked position.

The CC Bom II provides an effective locking mechanism for containers – a simple security system that meets the need for the best possible safeguarding of goods.

Practical applications
The CC Bom II was developed to safeguard goods in storage, office and workshop containers.

The CC Bom II also lends itself to securing industrial gates, personnel carriers, etc. It is thus extremely suitable for stationary items, but is not intended for transportable goods.

The system comes with a hardened CISA lock.

Open position

Insurance approval
The CC Bom II was awarded top-class approval by the Danish Insurance Association, in accordance with report no. 132.0/87
Technical description
Dimensions: Length 760mm Weight 11 kg.
The CC Bom II is a locking system consisting of a cemented locking arm and an accompanying lock casing that is surface-treated with Rilsan.
The electroplated through bolts are fitted with bushings in hardened steel, which secure the locking system against attempts at hacksaw break-ins.

The system comes with a hardened CISA lock, which is fitted with an 6+4-pin lock cylinder that is both drill proof and cannot be picked.

The CC Bom II is fitted onto the container with the set of bolts provided, and no special tools are required.
Advantages of the CC Bom II
The CC Bom II is permanently fitted onto the container and is thus always accessible when the container needs to be locked.

The CC Bom II – developed and manufactured by Servial CC Ltd., Denmark- is patented under
Europe patent no. 0 301 535
USA patent no. 5.035.127
Canada patent no. 1.332.112
Norway patent no. 176270
Denmark patent no. 170428


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