Sale and rent

Servial CC has more than 20 years experience in sale and rent of containers for several purposes. We have a close co-operation with leading foreign container-companies. This gives us the opportunity to deliver containers in a good quality at competitively good prices.

Sale of containers

Servial CC can deliver all types of containers everywhere in Denmark for reasonable prices.


Servial CC rents all kinds of standard containers. Furthermore we rent specially made containers. All containers are for rent everywhere in Denmark for a shorter or a longer period of time.

Own production department

Production of special made containers takes place in our own production department at our headquarters and depot.
Servial CC was among the first in Denmark that produced specially made containers, which is made according to the customer’s wishes. Through the years we have gained a certain expertise in specially made containers right from the choice of container to the manufacturing.

Extra equipment and spare parts

Servial CC has developed some extra equipment for containers. Latest is the CC Locking bar, which is approved by the insurance companies. Furthermore we can deliver extra equipment as handling equipment, corner castings, extra doors and door fittings etc.


We offer fast delivery and transport back to our depot, everywhere in Denmark.

Good advice

You are welcome to contact our sales- and development department and invite offers without obligation and guidance about containers standard or special, made to fulfill your needs.

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