Effective anti-theft protection of goods in ISO containers in connection with loading, unloading, warehousing and storage. 
Approved by the Danish Insurance Association.

cc bom 2 fastgoeres.jpg
The CC FixLock 3 being fitted above the handle and pressed against the container door.
Pull the lock up and turn the key. Make shore the lock is in gear.

The CC FixLock 3 makes it impossible for anyone to turn the handle and open the container.
cc bom 2 fastgoeres.jpg
The CC FixLock 3 can be fastened to the locking bar for storage.

CC FixLock 3

It takes just a few seconds to achieve effective protection of goods in leased or shipper’s own containers, as well as truck trailers with locking bars. 

This also avoids unnecessary costs as the containers do not need any modification.   

Practical applications

The CC FixLock 3 was developed to safeguard container goods during loading, unloading and warehousing or for storage containers. 

Insurance approval

The CC FixLock 3 was awarded top-class approval for securing ISO standard containers by the Danish Insurance Association,  in accordance with report no. 821.0/04.   

Technical description 

Dimensions: (L x W x H)
200 mm x 100 mm x 50 mm.
Weight: approx 5,3 kg.
In certain circumstances, the
CC FixLock 3 may cause the container to exceed its standard size by 5 mm  

The lock casing is produced in Steel 52, which is case-hardened and surface treated with powder lacquering.

The fork is produced in steel 52. The fork is attached to the lock casing using two hardened, electroplated steel pins.

Lock system:

CC Fixlock 3 can be mounted with different types of European and Scandinavian cylinder with the right length and safety class, and also with our code lock.


The CC FixLock 3 was developed by Servial CC Ltd., and patented.