"Our musicians are happy with the room and many have experimented in new contexts band in there because we have solid baggear in the room. We also have a good earnings basis, and we are delighted to offer to give the musicians."
Bjarne Ejby – Østerbro Medborgerhus

mikkelnordsoe (2).jpg
"I have rarely had a studierum with better acoustics and comfortable indoor climate - a surprisingly good experience"
Mikkel Nordsøe - guitarist

"I have previously been head of a community center in Copenhagen, which has 2 Music Flexline boxes. They work very well and expanded civic house activities significantly. As a music consultant, I have contributed to the establishment of several Music Flexline boxes around in Denmark. Many places have Flex Music box be a crucial factor in that there is today an amateur musical.

n my hometown, I am president of a musical evening with the board of a new amateur musikforening. We work with the local music school to strengthen the local music scene. We have jointly purchased a Flex Music Box. Practice room supports local rhythmic amateur musicians

- both bands are associate music, those due to age is emerging from music and "free birds" who traditionally have not been organized. Music Flexline box has helped to bring together the local amateur musicians in a new association, which also manages the daily operations of Music Flex box. "
Gert Fuglsang


"We've been very pleased with our 2 rooms which we have had in 12 years. They stand on top of each other block adjacent to residential and generation. We have given the musicians exert tremendous opportunities and also serves as our culture of money on renting them out. "
Anders Persson – Indre By kulturhus København