Technical description

The modules are in steel, in standard sizes:
L x W x H = 6,06 x 2.44 x 2.58 metres and 12.19 x 2.44 x 2.89 metres.

Outside treatment:
Sandblasting SA 2.5 Primning 40µ. Top coat 60µ.
Side and front then coated with appr. 5mm white concrete

There are two standard studios, consisting of two modules built together of 6,06 or 12.19 metres.

Appr. 25 m2 inside and 4.9 x 6.06 m outside. Download sketch

Appr. 50 m2 inside and 4.9 x 12.9 m outside. Download sketch

The size can be increased by increasing the number of modules.
Power supply
25 m² room 380V 16A. 50m² room 380V 32A

Interior electrical equipment:

Earth-leak circuit-breaker.
Automatic fuses.
8 to 12 pcs. 60 w spotlights.
Necessary thermostats-controlled distribution panel.
Stepped ventilation adjustment.
Ceiling light in pre-room/recording room.
Eight 220V movable outputs mounted on spiral cables.
32-socket recording box.


The rehearsal studio is built on six movable foundations. If concrete foundations, for example, are required, this is at the customer's expense.
Delivered turnkey/ready for use but without instrumentation.

lydrum (2).jpg